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What is Lexhag

What is Lexhag

Lexhag Visual Effects is a creative problem-solving company for the Film and TV markets.
Our team is highly experienced in creating visual effects work for long-form, story-driven, projects.
We’re image smiths, meaning we can plan and augment your live-action scenes with CGI, create bespoke live-action images or entirely synthesise moving sequences to tell your story.
We’re not just confined to digital tools, either. However, these are a key part to our success. We’re a group of makers too, meaning we all have experience in the physical industries; Special Effects, Product Design, Engineering, Draughtsmanship and all with a solid foundation in filmmaking.
As a company, we have 10 years of experience within the high-end TV and long-form content industry and a breadth of projects that demonstrate why we’re very different from the rest. We have the capacity for 30 artists in our Soho HQ across three floors.

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