GigaPixel Head

Our Gigapixel head, which can also be reconfigured to be a match-move head, can take extremely large panoramic or 360° HDR stills.

Used for 360° virtual environments, panoramic photographs and tradition gigapixel, high-resolution, photographs compiled from many lower resolution photographs.

These can be used as massive HDRI spheres, a means of capturing very large elements for use in Digital Matte Paintings (DMP) or super high res imagery for use with photogrammetry projects.

The system has a Moy plate and can be mount onto a standard Moy tripod for ultimate stability. It can be remotely triggered per shot or set-up to take time elapsed programmes.

We can supply the unit as a dry or wet hire. Please call us to enquire availability.

• CineDrive Pan Tilt head

• CineDrive Brain

• Moy Plate Adapter

• 12v Battery Power

• Load Capacity – 12 KG

• Head Weight – 4.6 KG

• Dimensions –  27 x 31 x 16 cm

• Speed  – 27:1 – 106 degrees per second (recommended not to exceed 5.5 KG load) 50:1 54 degrees per second (up to 12 KG load on center of gravity)

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