UAV Capture

UAVs (drones) for VFX

In recent years, UAVs have become an important part of our VFX pipeline. It’s not always possible to capture plates or elements using traditional methods, and UAV’s can often help with this.

We can capture broadcast quality video in 4K with cameras such as the GH5, A7S and BMPCC and exceptionally detailed stills using our 5dSR for photogrammetry data and reference.

Jonathan, one of our VFX Supervisors, has many years of experience flying both full-size aircraft and UAV’s and has been approved by the CAA for Commercial Operations. He’s experienced with both fast turn-around promo work and complex projects combining UAV based material, CGI, practical effects and live action. Taking a flexible and open approach to project planning, combined with the expertise of the CG and Comp teams means we can take on almost any project utilising these skills, and look at things from another perspective, quite literally.

The Porlock Cow Shed - R&D Project

UAV based Photogrammetry.We’ve created a CG model of this old cow shed in Somerset by capturing a series of stills around it. The UAV was flown in above the areas that couldn’t be captured from the ground.

The wider area including a tree was captured as part of the same project. The UAV was flown around an area covering approximately 200m x 200m at varying heights enabling us to capture photographs in a consistent manner.
Point clouds and fully textured geometry can be generated using this method. This type of asset can be used for all sorts of projects – previs, tech-vis, gaming, VR and AR for example.