While The Rest Of Us Die

February 6, 2021 While The Rest Of Us Die

October Studios and Efran Films commissioned Lexhag to deliver three sequences using Virtual Production techniques for VICE TV‘s latest eight-part US Government expose docu-series.


This explosive second season takes a hard look in the mirror at the state of the American nation and asks why, in the wealthiest country in the world, does daily life feel so insecure?

Told through the accounts of some of America’s leading journalists, activists and political insiders, While The Rest Of Us Die exposes how the US government empowers food barons, drug CEOs, fossil fuel giants, and greedy billionaires to reap billions and corrupt government policy all while destroying our health and the planet.

Scenes were shot on an LED stage using Virtual Production technology to bring to life eyewitness accounts of some of the harrowing events in the series. 

Watch the trailer here. 

Production Co: Efran Films
Showrunner & Exec Producer: Anthony Lappé
Production Services: October Studios
Virtual Production Services: Lexhag VFX