GANNI X Levi’s Latest Campaign – GROW UP

April 19, 2022 GANNI X Levi’s Latest Campaign – GROW UP

On-set VFX supervision for GANNI x Levi’s campaign

On a sunny day in London, Lexhag VFX joined Youtube phenomenon Emma Chamberlain and friends, for a tongue-in-cheek reveal of their somewhat surprising vegetable-growing skills.
The giant vegetables seen in the campaign video bring a sense of humour to raise awareness of a serious sustainability issue: the hugely polluting nature of dyes.
The latest GANNI x Levi’s collaboration continues its ongoing theme of responsible fashion with the use of natural dyes across its collection.
The collaboration has allowed the brands to build on one another’s experience and technology to overcome previous hurdles seen with natural dyes. Well, we’re rooting for them! Ahem.
Lexhag VFX ventured into un-chard-ered territory with some on-set supervision to help grow the super-sized veg seen in the GROW UP campaign video. Check it out here.