May 30, 2020 TOO CLOSE

Visual effects for ITV’s Too Close were provided by Lexhag VFX. Snowed-In Productions commissioned us for their new three-part psychological thriller, which aired in April 2021. Lexhag VFX Supervisor Jonathan Hancock and the team worked as lead VFX vendor on the show delivering pre-vis, on-set supervision, complex particle simulations and creature sequences to portray disturbing psychoses in the story.

It’s a story of Connie (Denise Gough), a young mother struggling with psychosis and her relationship with Dr Robertson (Emily Watson), a psychotherapist in crisis, tasked with assessing the high-profile client dubbed ‘The Yummy Mummy Monster’. The scope of work, among other things, was to bring these delusional episodes to life in a way that felt realistic but also disturbing enough to pack a visual and emotive response to aid the narrative.

Broadcast Tech details how we brought the bug scene to life where the lead character desperately tries and fails to shake the crawling cockroaches from her body.

Find out more about how we created these realistic bug scenes, demon illusions and some tricky rain sequences in the show, on our R&D blog, here

Check out the visual effects for ITV’s Too Close in our VFX breakdown videos.

ITV’s Too Close was the first show delivered entirely through our cloud-based VFX studio. We expedited our move to the cloud to keep our artists working securely from home during the lockdown. And it’s brought many benefits for us and our clients. Read more about how our cloud-based VFX studio helped us scale quickly, save time and exceed creative expectations on ITV’s Too Close.

Production Co: Snowed-In Productions
Producer: Letitia Knight
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Hancock
VFX Producer: Toby Mathews